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PPE XtraSAN Surface Sanitiser

Eliminates the need to continually sanitise surfaces and touch points.

Revolutionary ACTIVE Surface Sanitiser gives up to 28*days of protection once applied to a surface. It creates a biofilm that stays on the surface and keeps working,unlike other detergents that evaporate and stop working.

PPE XtraSAN Surface Sanitiser nozzle converts the liquid into a fine mist which atomises the solution on each application, using 3x less product compared to a liquid spray. Being able to atomise the liquid is beneficial as there is no ill effect on the user if inhalation occurs.

The virus responsible for Covid-19 can remain infectious on surfaces such as banknotes,phone screens and stainless steel for 28* days, researchers say. –The Guardian, 12 October 2020

PPE XtraSAN has multi surface compatibility.Using our fine mist applicators it can be used on phones, TV & computer screens, keyboardsand all sensitive technical equipment. This is due to having anti-static properties (non-static). PPE XtraSAN is also chemically safe as it is non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-irritant and has no alcohol content, therefore safe to use around children and pets.

Our innovative ACTIVE sanitiser usesless product whilst giving better & safer protection.

* This will be dependent upon where and how this is used and in differing environments

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Complements cleaning protocols

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