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PPE XtraSAN Atomised Sanitiser

Revolutionary ACTIVE Atomised Sanitiser giving up to 28* days of protection, creating a biofilm that stays on the surface and keeps working unlike other detergents that evaporate and stops working.

PPE XtraSAN 5 litre Atomised Sanitiser.

All PPE XtraSAN Hand & Surface Sanitiser applicators can be refilled which will save ;

  • Time; less application required saving on manpower.
  • Environment; using refillable dispensers
  • Administration: less product needing to be repurchased.
  • Money; less application and giving more protection
  • Accidents; non-hazardous ingredients reducing health & safety risk.
  • Litigation; reduces law suit risk as non flammable (no-alcohol content)
  • Warehousing; less product needing to be stored.
  • Transport; less product needed reducing logistics / lower carbon footprint

Due to our innovative ACTIVE Sanitiser you use a lot less product whilst giving better protection.

* This will be dependent upon where and how this is used and in differing environments

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