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A bit about our product;

A well know aircraft manufacturer has been using the product in their aircraft and found the product non damaging to the surfaces in the aircraft or going through the air-conditioning systems. The product was swab tested after nine days and was still active.

A company that is an official supplier to the NHS has used the product and supplied into various health and medical organisations throughout the UK, and they like the fact it goes such a long way and is as a result cost effective.

An official sports body who run the UK Tennis Tournaments that is covered by the BBC have successfully used our product in aerosol form.

A company that supply the disaster relief in Africa has been successfully passed and is supplying into high risk and vulnerable people.

UK Active have endorsed the product to the gym industry because of its no invasive substances on machinery and screens

Insurance company has promoted our product to the UK Bus and Coach industry as the safe method of application and prevention against Coronavirus

Local councils in the UK have been handing the product out to offices and have remarked on how safe it is.

Education authorities have successfully used XtraSAN due to its safe nature, lasting time on surfaces  and non flammability, including the aerosols.

Care home suppliers are using the products all over the UK and Ireland

Many factories have been supplied as it is a safe alternative and we have also had remarks on improved attendance due to less illnesses.

Restaurants use our product because it is food safe and also non flammable.

Used in offices around electrical appliances due to its anti-static properties, they like the fact it goes such a long way and is as a result is a real cost effective solution.

Automotive garages have treated the vehicles interiors, speeding up their turn around period and risk to their staff

Construction sites have found it reduced their usage due to its non-flammability and safety to use on site.