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Best antimicrobial coatings permanently work on surfaces against coronavirus!

Surface Coat impressive test results;

  • Antivirus: ISO 21702 (tested actually on Human Coronavirus and achieved 99.8%)
  • Anti Bacteria: ISO 22196 (achieved 99.999% Escherichia coli, 99.991% Staphylococcus)
  • Abrasion resistance: EN ISO 5470-1 –33mg (spring typeCS10/60 rpm/1000g)
  • Slip resistance: EN ISO 13036-4 –Dry 60 Wet 40

Surface Coat has a permanently Active property giving a continual protection and reduces risk;

  • Protection for personnel and visitors
  • Excellent resistance to Viruses and Bacteria
  • Suitable for internal and external application
  • Excellent mechanical chemical resistance
  • Prolongs the life of existing surfaces
  • Easy to clean with PPE XtraSAN Cleaner
  • Cost Savings to labour and sanitiser requirements

Coronavirus and Antivirus Lacquer – some possibilities:

  • Best disinfectant spray for offices long term?

Surface Coat will give a permanently Active property to the surface finish on office desks, giving continual long-lasting protection and best workplace surface sanitiser practise in the fight against coronavirus. As a sprayable furniture lacquer coating it will not damage the surface, instead prolonging the life unlike invasive disinfectants.

  • Touch point protection?

Surface Coat is available on Stickers giving a permanently Active property to the surface which can be used on the high touch point areas of a workplace, stadium, hospitality venues etc.

  • Flooring Lacquer for protection against coronavirus?

Surface Coat has achieved excellent standards for abrasion making it possible for use as an antivirus flooring lacquer.

  • Cleaning restaurant tables coronavirus?

Surface Coat Mats provide a permanently Active property to the surface finish of a restaurant table surface, providing a best practice surface sanitiser against coronavirus when used with PPE XtraSAN + Cleaner.