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Walk through Hygiene Arch – full body decontamination using PPE XtraSAN sanitiser – killing 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria.

Fast and effective disinfection of all personnel on entry and exit.

Protect your space / building from all viruses and bacteria that personnel may be carrying on their hands and clothing.

The Hygiene Arch senses when a person comes within half a metre of the spray gate and will automatically spray a fine mist of PPE XtraSAN sanitiser as they go through the gate, killing 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria.

Personnel can also sanitise their hands with the automatic hand sanitiser function.


Safe to use, harmless to people

When the tunnel is partnered with PPE XtraSAN the portal is safe for people
to pass through and is non-toxic.


Reduces risk of COVID-19 transmission

Reduces the risk of transmission by deactivating any virus particles that present on clothes or exposed skin.



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Dry-mist from head-to-toe in seconds

Just 5 seconds a dry-mist will provide full body coverage to minimise the risk of a person carrying virus particles on their clothes.

The liquid will not harm skin, clothes, shoes or hair and is actually refreshing on entry to your venues.