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Eliminates the need to continually sanitise surfaces and touch points.

PPE XtraSAN Surface Coat is a clear coating with a UV indicator that will cross bind into most surfaces and has excellent resistance to viruses·, bacteria and mould for upto 24 months .

Advantages & Benefits:

• One application lasts for years
• Solvent Free / Non-Flammable
• Easy to apply
• Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance
• Excellent resistance to Viruses*, Bacteria and Mould
• Excellent adhesion to various surfaces and substrates
• Easy to clean with PPE XtraSAN Cleaner
• Suitable for internal and External Applications
• UV indicator allows expert inspection of coating maintenance
• Minimal change to surface appearance
• Prolongs the life of existing surfaces due to its excellent wear
characteristics and abrasion resistance
• Cost savings to labour and santiser requirements

Potential Applications include:

• Table & Counter Tops
• Walls / Floors
• Office Desk / Reception Counters/ Works surfaces
• Work benches/ laboratory surfaces
• Door Handles/ Push Plates
• Keypads/ Chip and Pin devices
• Handrails/ Turnstiles
• Light Switches / Push Buttons
• Transport Vehicle / Touch Point Interiors
• Telephones
• Hard/ Plastic Seating
• Drive Through Counters/ Screens
• Shopping Trolly / Petrol Pump Handle
• Office Taps/ Toilet/ Cubicle Handles