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PPE XtraSAN + Cleaner

PPE XtraSAN + Cleaner is a fast-acting high-level disinfection for use in hospital and healthcare settings, institutional and industrial areas, food and beverage, and catering settings.

Independently tested to BSEN 1276:2009, BSEN 13727:2015-medical, BSEN 14476:2013/Fpr A1 2015-medical, BSEN 1650:2008 + A1 2013, BSEN 13697: 2015, BSEN 13624:2014-medical, BSEN 13697:2015.

PPE XtraSAN + Cleaner can be used on surfaces including walls, floors fabrics and instruments.

Additionally, PPE XtraSAN + Cleaner is the only recommended cleaner for all PPE XtraSAN and Surface Coat products

  •  Delivers excellent cleaning properties
  • Can be used as a single-step cleaner and disinfectant/sanitiser
  • Use with PPE XtraSAN + for extended surface protection
  • Suitable for mop, sprayer, cloths, wipes cleaning equipment
  •  Suitable for use with disinfectant fogging equipment

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